Young fashion label Madonna will strengthen its flash fashion program beginning by January 2014. The order collection – each with 100 to 120 styles - will be delivered within the first three month of the season. The rest of the season Madonna will only sell the bestsellers of the first three month and trend flashes. The key pieces will be available within 14 days and some pieces are already in stock. Madonna only delivers the best running articles. “When we register a bestseller on Monday we can start the program immediately. Sales results in our own shops and shop-in-shops give us the best overview,” explains Jürgen Hoch, owner Topaz Textilhandels GmbH, Düsseldorf.

Prior to starting the new flash program, Madonna tested the fast delivery concept for two years. The collection is produced in Turkey, Italy and China and can be delivered just in time. After long experiences in fast fashion Jürgen Hoch knows how consumers react and which trends, styles and colours they need. Indeed, in the shopping behaviour there is no great difference in Europe. With the new fast delivery decade, retailers have less pre-order and more limit for short delivery. Hoch: “There is no risk for the retailers and they can increase the turnover up to 20 to 30%”.  Madonna is a brand of Topaz Textilhandels GmbH in Düsseldorf with 90 own shops and is distributed in more than 15 countries in Europe. In 2014 Madonna will open 15 own shops of between 250 - 350sqm in Germany.