Albert Sefranek the founder of Mustang Jeans celebrates his 90th birthday today. Born and raised in Nürnberg, Germany, Sefranek originally wanted to become an engineer after returning from the Second World War in 1945. His mother-in-law Luise Hermann, who established a small sewing factory for workwear, however, had other plans for him; Sefranek would handle sourcing and sales for the company L. Hermann, located in Künzelsau. By that time, Sefranek was already convinced of the potential success of blue jeans US GIs were wearing. In 1958 he struck a deal to acquire 36,000 meters of denim from the States for 100,000 German Deutschmarks. Later that year, he created his brand “Mustang,” named after the wild horse as a symbol of freedom, independence and adventure. Mustang’s significant success with blue jeans was followed by the first jeans for women, corduroy jeans and international recognition. Sefranek eventually resigned from the company and passed the business on to his son Heiner in 1995. A longstanding contributor to many charitable causes, Sefranek currently enjoys hobbies such as traveling and attending concerts and art exhibitions. He still visits his office several times a week to check his mail and attend meetings, and the denim veteran has yet to stop wearing jeans. As he says, “They keep you young.”