Murphy&Nye, the sailing-affiliated apparel brand, has opened its first USA store since it’s purchase in 1993 by the Sixty Group, which also owns the brands Miss Sixty, Energie, Sixty, RefrigiWear, Killah, Baracuta and Richlu.

Murphy&Nye was founded in 1933 in Chicago as a sail maker, and has a rich heritage in the sport of sailing. The company’s first single-brand store opened this month in the city that is the symbol of American sailing: Newport (Rhode Island). For 132 years Newport has been home to the America’s Cup, the most acclaimed regatta in the world, with which M&N has been associated with since 1992.

“The Newport opening represents the just first step in a strategy to establish a strong presence in the American market,” said CEO and co-founder of the Sixty Group, Renato Rossi.

For M&N the American growth follows the development already ongoing in other countries such as Russia and China. In Russia six new openings of single-brand stores were accomplished in 2007, while two new stores opened up in China in Beijing and Macau.

Photo: the exterior of the new Murphy&Nye store, Newport, USA