Blue Zone, the “denim heart” of Munich Fabric Start, is entering into a new era in the Zenith Hall in Munich. Over the past three and a half years since the fair’s inception, markets and the competitive situation have changed to such an extent that a reorientation including a relaunch have become necessary, according to the fair’s management.

Blue Zone will now run for two days instead of three as in the past. For the next 2010 edition it will begin on Tuesday, August 31 and end on Wednesday, September 1, these being the first two days of Munich Fabric Start, with opening times extended from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.

A dark stand system, sophisticated light effects and a completely new hall layout for an entirely new experience will define the next generation of Blue Zone. A fascinating denim project, for example, will take place in the center of the platform. The elaborate media and lighting installation will revolve around lasering denim fabrics and garments. The Spanish company Jeanologia will move the craftsmanship and history of this technology into the limelight here.

Meanwhile, approximately 60 top-notch international weaving mills, washing plants, finishers and strong-selling garment and finishing service providers will compete at the show again. Fine-tuned trend information and, last but not least, excellent service are all guaranteed to create a second-to-none working atmosphere.