British luxury brand Mulberry has created yet another line of covetable bags, this time adapted to Apple’s bestselling products. Style-savvy owners of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod, and iPod Nano will soon get an opportunity to carry around their hi-tech goods in modified versions of Mulberry classics such as the Bayswater and the Brynmore.

"Apple products are too beautiful to reside in drab bags! Apple and Mulberry share a legacy of craftsmanship and I'm thrilled that we were asked to be Apple's first luxury collaboration," said Emma Hill, Mulberry’s Creative Director.

In total, the range encompasses nine pieces, and each item has been enhanced with features such as padded laptop sections, phone and music player pockets and eyelet holes for headphone access.

The line will be available on Apple's European website and in Mulberry stores tomorrow and on from Dec. 1, 2009.

Emma Holmqvist