Italian womenswear, menswear and accessory brand MSGM will open its first mono-brand store in Milan on 12 September 2013. The new 100sqm space will open its doors, and six shop windows, at the corner of via Ponte Vetero and via Sacchi.

The opening of the MSGM boutique in Milan is the first step of a worldwide retail project, with further openings planned in Asia and United Arab Emirates, in 2014. The concept was created by architect Massimiliano Locatelli together with the brand's creative director Massimo Giorgetti and the project was developed by CLS Architetti.

The space is a combination of contrasts and opposites that interact in creative ways, displaying the eclecticism of the brand's DNA. The store is inspired by the idea of the city, its energy and its street style. The store creates an imaginary dialogue with the city, focusing on notions of inside and outside, with a contemporary, neo-minimal aesthetic.

The floor is made from dark asphalt, a familiar material used in an unfamiliar context; within a boutique. The outside becomes inside. In this and other ways the store challenges our assumptions. The pure white plaster walls have an almost unreal quality since they are sealed into the corners of the room with black strips of rubber, which give the impression that the room has been outlined in pencil. An upside down tree bursts through the ceiling and lends an organic quality to the room. Collections are displayed on special purpose built, posable iron structures. The store features black and white marble as well as fluorescent lighting. The lighting is uniform. As in a museum, artificial daylight fills the room, which gives the impression of being outside. Neon tubes extend from the ceiling in geometrical forms and a special spotlight fixes onto key items of the collections, enveloping them in light and exalting their colours, but also integrating them perfectly into the space.