M&J Group is a Bangladeshi specialised garment manufacturer that will participate a European trade show for the the first time within the upcoming edition of the Bluezone, within Munich Fabric Start to be held 4-6 February 2014 in Munich.
The company is a leading manufacturer founded in 1965 in Dhaka (Bangladesh). It  produces a wide range of top quality denim bottoms and some non-denim items. In 2013 it developed over 8 millions pieces of garment, a number that within 2015 is supposed to be doubled and reach about 16 millions through continuous investments in new facilities, technologies and people.
M&J can produce up to 130 – 150 different styles per day and offer to its customers – which already inlcude the most reknown jeans brands globally - a vast choice of top-quality products and customized added-value services that cover all the stages of the production cycle, from research to special treatments and 48-hours delivery.
The company is also strongly commited on sustainability. In fact while it can provide a wide range of washings, treatments and special effects it can also employ eco-friendly ones, such as laser, ozone, new generation enzymes, low-temperature polymerization and formaldehyde-free resins. M&J has also adopted a revolutionary measurement system that allows to have real time data on the average consumption of water, energy, treating substances and materials – per piece and garment. Thanks to these systems the group is able to save resources, continuously increasing this savings through an ongoing search for low-environmental impact solutions, which include new technologies, chemicals and waste management systems.
M&J Group’s care for environment is also testified by a number of international certifications, including the WRAP Certificate, that guarantees a lawful, humane and ethical production, the LEED PLATINUM Certificate, which ensures the sustainability of facilities and structures, the GOTS Certificate, for products made with 100% cotton, and GRS Certificate.
The Group also considers social responsibilities as an essential part of its core values. For this it is constantly involved in undertaking the task to help people by improving their living and working conditions through special initiatives and dedicated foundations.