M&J Group, specialized Bangladeshi denim garment manufacturer founded in 1965, has recently inaugurated a new productive plant in Dhaka. The new plant can produce up to 20,000 garments per day, raising the company’s total production to 14 million garments per year.
M&J Group’s involvement in equipping its plants with always more innovative technologies and new machineries, implementing energy and resource saving systems, show how the group is involved in supporting sustainable manufacturing standards. Moreover, the company’s washing department, Genesis Washing, is said to be the first washing plant certified Platinum LEED for green building, setting another step for guaranteeing higher productivity and efficiency.
The new plant will mainly be hosting its European partner brands, especially interested in working with garment-makers and suppliers that respect international environmental standards and laws.
Along with its commitment in protecting the environment, M&J believes in the importance of respecting workers. For this, thanks to its collaboration with Dutch Bangla Bank and its newly launched Mobile Banking service, all M&J Group employees, working for the Genesis Washing division, which has been equipped with a new mobile system that, through the company’s mobile phone SIM, allows the wage credit on the employees’ bank accounts and a safe and fast money transfer. This system also permits real-time and continuous communication among employees."It is all about small - but still significant - steps that we make because we believe in the ethics of work and in the respect of the environment. This is our mission: spreading the seed of change to harvest a happier future,” commented Fabio Adami Dalla Val, R&D head and trade marketing manager.