The Mittelmoda international fashion competition that took place in Gorizia, Italy on July 1, 2011, has awarded some of fashion’s best emerging fashion design talents with several prizes.

The 1st Mittelmoda Award of €10,000 by Mittelmoda International Lab & Lectra Italia was bestowed upon Gea Antonini, from Accademia del Costume, Italia. The designer's collection was inspired by August Sander's novel "Hommes du XX Siecle" inspired by German spociety of the 1900s. Made out of flannel, wool and cashmere, the women's collection was characterized by androgynous-style shirts, coats and jackets.

Winner of the €5,000 prize by SMI (Sistema Moda Italia) was Brownnyn O'Brien, University of Technology, Australia, whose collection "The damned's laughter" presented a menswear collection showing a mixed inspiration between streetwear and a classic tailormade style.

The €2,500 prize by Camera Nazionale della Moda was awarded to Federica Croce, Accademia di Moda e Costume, whose collection was inspired by an elegant mix of black and white, bon-ton meets gothic rock.

The Levi's ® special prizes offered included a €5,000 menswear award, won by India's Amit Shrivastava, who studied at Nift, and a womenswear prize worth the same amount was handed out to Francesca Paolin, who graduated at Italy's Domus Academy. Another €5,000 Levi's prize was granted to Dajana Ljubicic (Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubjana) for her women's collection that - as the jury stated -“best captured the unique spirit of contemporary denim while maintaining timeless design and tailormade spirit standards".