Michael Michalsky is supporting the environmental protection group WWF Germany through his new “Protect!” T-shirt line. The collection highlights illustrations of animals and is designed to improve awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature.

“Personally, I think that public awareness of environmental protection issues is getting weaker and weaker. With the “Protect!“ collection we want to draw more attention to efforts being made by WWF Germany to sustain our natural habitats,” says Michalsky. His efforts have also resulted in a cool and sustainable T-shirt collection which focuses on three endangered animals: the Iberian lynx, the Atlantic puffin and the monarch butterfly. For the collection Michalsky has only used ecological materials and the printing process is in accordance with certified eco standards. A considerable portion of sales proceeds goes to the WWF fund. The shirts are now available at Michalsky stores, at special retail stores as well as online.

Michalsky and WWF Germany are cooperating on a long-term basis and the collections will continue to available over the next few seasons. “The WWF organisation wants to inspire people to follow a sustainable lifestyle without preaching abstinence,” says Jörn Ehlers of WWF Germany.