Armando Belleri has been appointed as the new managing director of Meltin'Pot. Belleri is a long time insider of the denim business, offering his expertise after seventeen years spent selling Chevignon and five launching G-Star in Italy. He has also worked with Jet Set and the Blue System brands and more recently for the Dutch brand Lotus Jeans.

Owner Augusto Romano will continue heading the company's main strategies with support from Belleri in refocusing distribution and international expansion projects. “Concrete business plans are yet to be defined, but foreign expansion is one of our top-priority future aims," commented Romano. "We want to refocus our distribution network in Italy and increase our presence in new and established foreign markets."

Meltin'Pot is presently sold in 850 locations throughout Italy, 280 in France and 180 in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Sights are set on new market growth in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia and Eastern Europe and the company has already started distributing in China, where further growth is also planned. By 2013-2015 the brand’s aim is to reach a distribution network of about 1,000 stores in Italy and 1,000 abroad.