Simultaneously to the confirmation by Levi Strauss & Co. that its premium jeanswear line Levi’s XX will be integrated into the regular jeanswear collection, a spokesperson of the company confirmed that Maurizio Donadi, Senior Vice President Levi’s XX, will leave the company. Maurizio Donadi himself was not available for a comment, but the spokesperson added: “Maurizio Donadi has graciously agreed to remain on board until March 2012 to oversee the transition."

Despite this, sources in the market confirmed that Donadi has also been covering a position being responsible for the global Levi's brand presentation for about a year. For the months to come, before he is leaving the company, he will also be busy at renovating the Levi Strauss booth at Bread & Butter Berlin in January 2012, and participating in the design of a new Red Tab store in Amsterdam, Kalverstraat, to open beginning of December, and a new Levi's store to open in Paris Champs Elysees in spring of 2012.

Moreover, the integration of the premium jeanswear line Levi’s XX into the regular jeanswear collection of the brand was confirmed by Levi Strauss & Co.: “We had incubated the premium denim almost like a start-up. Now that Levi’s® XX has matured and proven its viability, we are integrating the premium denim into the Levi’s brand and we are committed to offer premium denim for consumers with our Levi’s® XX line.” According to the spokesperson, Levi's XX will also be presented at Bread & Butter in January 2012, without mentioning on how exactly the process of integration will happen.