Maurizio Donadi, former Senior Vice President Levi’s XX has founded his own consultant studio, Conduit Creative Office. The partnership was recently founded in Los Angeles, together with his wife and business partner, Marisa Ma, the couple teamed up with US Company, Bedrock Manufacturing, also the owner of Filson and Shinola brands.

"We are conductors of creativity for companies that want to outsource this part of their work or cannot do it properly," explained Donadi to SI, in the upcoming issue 246.

“We have just assembled a group of young, experienced and very creative individuals that will devote their time, knowledge and passion to the design industry, alongside its development and strategies." And continues:

"We are idea generators who aren't afraid to be disruptive. Our comprehensive, global experience enables us to propel initiatives that take the brand to the next level."

Among the new studio's clients there are Filson (based in Seattle, Washington), Shinola (based in Detroit, Michigan) and Pedaled (based in Tokyo, Japan).

Maurizio Donadi is a experienced jeanswear and casualwear insider who has worked for companies such as Benetton, Diesel, Armani Jeans and Ralph Lauren.

More information can be found in our exclusive interview, issue 246.