Marithé and Francois Girbaud are looking for a partner and are ready to sell a majority share of their company. According to a recent interview by the two French designers published in the French newspaper Le Figaro, they explained that they would prefer to find an industrial partner rather than a financial one. According to the designer duo, such initiative is neccessary due to the need to expand their retail network internationally.

“Four months ago, we asked Rothschild bank to look for a partner,” explained Olivier Bachellerie, president of Marithé+François Girbaud and Marithé's son, with the aim to find a solution within the first semester of 2012. The brand Marithé+François Girbaud has reportedly reached a €100 million consolidated turnover, with €200 million sales, of which 30% were registered in France. They are sold through about 2,000 multibrand stores located in 43 countries, about 50 shop-in-shops and five monobrand stores. By mid-January 2012, the brand will open a store in Stuttgart and a shop-in-shop in BVH, Beirut.