F.F.I., the Italian-Indian group that signed a worldwide master license agreement with Marithe+Francois Girbaud (with the exception of those countries already under license) in June, expressed satisfaction with their results and partnership with the brand. The fall/winter 2012/13 collection received a favorable reception this month throughout points of sale and maintains its support from loyal customers, according to the company.

The brand's new identity is alive again in these collections through elements such as the signature fly, the frontal inscription and the construction of each garment. Summer 2013 collections are already on sale in showrooms in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and the UK, with an optimistic mood once again surrounding the brand as it celebrates 40 years since the opening of its Halles Capone store.

A spokesperson for M+F Girbaud commented, "Time spent in India, the encounter between the brand and F.F.I, its potential, a labor force that has learnt very quickly how a designer works and the 'Amerasian' influence are all reflected in our spring/summer 2013 collections.”