Google celebrates today’s change of seasons around the globe today with Doodles designed by Marimekko. Today, March 20, the Northern hemisphere celebrates the arrival of spring, and fall is welcomed in the Southern hemisphere – the  First Day of Spring and Fall doodles are the first international Google doodles that are created by a Finnish designer.

“We are thrilled about this creative collaboration that got started when Google Vice President Marissa Mayer visited our textile printing factory in Helsinki. Marimekko design is all about understanding the beauty of life just as we encounter it every day - celebrating everyday moments and the special characteristics and nuances of the different seasons. Thus, with the First Day of Spring and Fall doodles, we want to inspire people to free their own creativity and have fun with it – every day and each season,” says Mika Ihamuotila, President and CEO of Marimekko.

The playful Marimekko doodles form the Google logo with a joyful interplay of elements of iconic Marimekko printed textiles by eight renowned designers: Maija Isola, Kristina Isola, Erja Hirvi, Maija Louekari, Aino-Maija Metsola, Teresa Moorhouse, Jenni Tuominen and Katsuji Wakisaka.

Google has a long tradition of using different versions of its logo; the first doodle was published in 1998. Since 2000, the tradition has been ongoing. Over 1,000 doodles have been published around the world so far.

More information about the history of Google doodles and the team designing them, as well as pictures of doodles made can be found at