London’s hip independent trade show Margin has announced plans to launch a new denim showcase called “Selvage.”

Selvage will feature cutting-edge premium jeans by Trousers London, organic and fair trade denim by Chance and French brand NU, directional washes and embroidery by Japanese labels True Brit and Kyoto Denim, design-led denim/womenswear by Bulgarian label Mystic, premium men’s casual wear by Allopop and several other denim brands.

Margin is well known among fashion and accessories buyers for its cool showcase of newcomers, upscaled streetwear and fashion and accessories. Over 80% of exhibitors make their UK debut at Margin. While London’s other trade shows “The Park” (sportswear) and “TBC” (fashion brands) have been cancelled this show season, Margin is continuing as are the trade shows “Pure” and "LondonEdge.”

Margin runs Aug. 3-5, 2008, at The Vinyl Factory Gallery, 45 (rear) Foubert's Place, off Marshall Street, London W1.