This fall, the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew collection will roll out a new campaign combining the traditional ideas for a print campaign with “augmented reality” (AR) web technology to create a multi-dimensional, interactive experience. AR will soon be a household term, but it can be defined by taking a physical real-world environment and augmenting it by virtual computer-generated imagery. The effect is a hologram that appears to be coming out of the user’s computer.

How does augmented reality play into the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew campaign? A special encoded GLYPH marking (tracking code) will be printed onto all Marc Ecko Cut & Sew fall 2010 marketing collateral, including catalogs, look books, direct mail pieces and also printed on the pages of the campaign appearing in consumer print publications. Consumers can also print the GLYPH from the dedicated campaign website, As consumers log onto the website, they will position the GLYPH mark into their web camera. Within seconds, a hologram appears before their eyes, in this case, it’s the campaign’s digital muse, Lindsay Lohan. “I cast Lindsay because people are fascinated with her. They can either feel good or bad things, but they are feeling some type of emotion. She’s a pop culture icon,” explains Marc Ecko.

Lindsay will appear in a series of four video skits that correspond with each ad campaign image, shot in New York by fashion and celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani. Harnessing the power of emotion, Marc has created a special tool for web users that plays on psychologist Robert Putchick’s theory that humans have eight basic emotions and eight advanced emotions such as: joy, trust, fear, love, optimism, remorse, etc. Once the user clicks into an icon presenting the different emotions, the hologram of Lindsay Lohan begins to act out that emotion. Taking it one step further, consumers can record a video of themselves speaking to or hanging out with the hologram of Lindsay. These personalized videos can be uploaded to the video gallery at and to other sites such as, Facebook, etc.