As part of his University Tour ‘08, last week industrialist Marc Ecko give an inspirational speech to Italian students about what it takes to create and run a successful apparel enterprise. The lucky addressees came from varying Italian universities: La Sapienza (Rome), Perugia, Iulm (Milan) and IED Moda Lab (Milan).

The 35-year-old self-made Ecko, founder of the New Jersey- born Ecko brand (, told students what to keep in mind product- and economy-wise when building up a brand and how to push it forwards with viral marketing strategies. Urban trends and the necessity for “cool-hunters” were also points for discussion.

The entrepreneur, who became especially renowned for actions like tagging a Boeing 747 or placing the brand’s famous Rhino logo-figure in New York’s Macy’s parade, believes in the power of surprise. Aside from text-books he believes in learning in a more practical way: through “edutainment”, the combination of education and entertainment.

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