Against the trend: German denim label M.O.D is closing down its own online shop by the end of February.
This decision has been made by the stakeholders in cooperation with the managers of the M.O.D web shop and the sales directors of the Monopol Textilhandels GmbH (the company behind M.O.D).

Akin Erdogan, CEO Monopol: “The online store has been live for more than three years now and it primarily had the aim to show our full collection to all customers and showcase our online retailers how we imagine the online presence of our brand.” Back then, M.O.D cut ca. two thirds of its online partners, as Erdogan explains, “without shying at big names”.

For M.O.D, the abandonment of their own online sales means a commitment to their retailers. The web domain shall remain in use and present the brand’s latest collections to the end customers.