M Collective has opened its first multibrand concept store in Milan, in Viale Regina Giovanna 1 near the Corso Buenos Aires shopping street.

Co-founders and partners of the project, Cristian Milia, Antonino Rindone and Anna Casiraghi, focused on creating a multi-purpose store aimed at satisfying their different clients' attitudes, recognized as Minus, Much and More, which are focused on either a minimalistic and essential approach to shopping, a more sophisticated attitude or an even more enthusiastic and extravagant consumer type. For each attitude, the store offers various product types such as accessories, apparel, gadgets, flowers, CDs and gourmet food.

The store measures 450 sq. meters and also offers special interactive screen-touch terminals where shoppers can scan their favorite items, learn more about them and how it could be matched with similar or different items – whether apparel, accessories or gadgets.

Brands offered by the store include 5 Preview, Herschel, See BY Chloe, D.A.T.E., Crash Bagagge, Casio and many others. Their prices can range from €0.50 to €1,000 retail even if the average price is about €100. In fact, according to this store philosophy, what counts is not the price tag but the right price-quality balance.

The owners also expect to begin exporting their new concept to other international capital cities and reach about 15 stores by 2020. The first one will open in London by September 2016.