Loreak Mendian has announced the opening of a new concept store. Located in Bayonneat at 17 Rue Thiers, it makes it the brand's third French venture, after the Citadium space in Paris and Loreak Mendian Lyon.

The store's design combines the symmetry of the wooden furniture and the hydraulic tiles typical of early-20th Century buildings. The walls remain bare, cracked and imperfect.

The official opening will be celebrated on June 20th from 6 pm on, with a set by DJ Providence a.k.a. Attending the event will be Susana Quiñones, Loreak Mendian´s managing director, and the two founders of the brand: Xabier Zirikiain and Víctor Serna, creative director and collection design manager respectively.

Currently Loreak Mendian operates stores in San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coruña, Gijón, Vitoria, Paris, Lyon, Bayonne and Melbourne.