Liberty Fairs has announced the launch of Poggy’s World, a new section that will be realized in collaboration with United Arrows & Sons and Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi at Liberty Las Vegas, August 17-19, 2015.

The new area will feature approximately 7 brands hand-selected by Poggy that represent his view of the market and unmatched sense of style. Brands include United Arrows & Sons, NVy by Nick Wooster, Adidas Standard 19 by United Arrows & Sons, Readymade, Parabellum, DRx Romanelli, Kijima Takayuki for United Arrows & Sons and Filling Pieces for United Arrows & Sons. The area will feature product from each designer available for wholesale in a Japanese inspired installation.

As part of Poggy’s World, a limited edition collaboration between Readymade, DRx and ALM will be unveiled. Featuring Felix the Cat, the pieces unite a pop culture icon with influencers of street style.

“Part of the Liberty DNA is thinking outside of the box and always looking to partner with industry leaders in different areas, categories and geographic zones to bring a fresh point of view to the show floor and help inspire buyers and brands. We recognize that Poggy is the one driving the high-end fashion mixed with streetwear movement and has an iconic, distinguished point of view, which is a story that should be told.” Sam Ben-Avraham