Denim giant Levi’s has launched a new women’s denim series, Levi’s Revel which employs a liquid shaping technology.

Thanks to a special liquid inserted into the denim via techniques such as screen printing, the materials stretchiness is controlled at critical points of the leg and seat, to ensure the jeans are comfortable and flattering, and have lifting properties.

The four-way stretch denim has a soft touch and is supposed to always return to its original shape thanks to “superior memory retention” technology.

When developing the new denim line, Levi’s tested prototypes of the jeans on several hundred women worldwide. Jill Guenza, Levi’s Vice President of Women’s Design, said: “Levi’s Revel takes our innovative Curve technology to a whole new level and actively forms the body. When testing our invention, we met women from all parts of the world. It was very inspiring to see them so proud in front of the mirror in the changing rooms.”

Levi’s Curve ID concept, launched in 2010, categorizes female bodies in three different fit types (Slight, Demi and Bold Curve) according to the relation of their waist and bottom size. The new Levi’s Revel denims will also be released in Slight, Demi and Bold Curve versions. Each of the models will come out in a skinny and a straight fit, featuring several different finishes, washes and colours.

The Levi’s Revel collection will be available at Levi’s stores worldwide as well as online from the beginning of October. Retail prices range from €99,95 to €109,95.