Austrian specialist viscose fibre manufacturer Lenzing has this week celebrated its 75th anniversary, together with 3000 guests consisting of employees, customers, business companions, politicians and partners.

More than 200 international textile customers were invited between 3 - 6 June to St. Wolfgang in Upper-Austria for a “Textile Summit”, which focused on the latest findings in the field of textile processing and innovation. At the end of the summit, customers visited the fourth Tencel® factory site, currently under construction, involving investments of more than €130 million, at the Lenzing site in Upper-Austria. The factory will commence operations in 2014 and mark the next technological step for Tencel®.

Several decades ago there were more than 30 viscose fibre production plants in Europe. Today there are only two, one of which is Lenzing Group. The Austrian company has emerged as a global player and market and technology leader for man-made cellulose fibres. Lenzing fibres were once considered a cheap substitute for cotton. Today, they are perceived as premium products because, in addition to the technological advancement achieved, they are produced according to environmentally friendly productive standards and made with a renewable raw material; wood pulp.

Initially Lenzing manufactured 30,000 tons of fibres per year. Today the Group will soon reach a level of 900,000 tons. Lenzing considers itself the undisputed innovation leader in the man-made cellulose fibre industry. It operates through a leading research centre for cellulose and fibre chemistry at the Lenzing site. Approximately 170 employees work on site to further develop products and production technologies. Its team of specialists have created 1,400 patents and patent applications for employing the fibre to be offered in 57 countries.

Research expenditures of approximately USD 30 million annually underline the importance the Lenzing Group attaches to research and development. The group is involved in developing new ecological production methods and sustainable products with increasingly specialized areas of application.

Lenzing Group employs 7,033 people and closed 2012 registering sales of €2.09 billion, 91% of which came from export. The group's fibre sales volume is presently at 810,000 tons.