Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel who served as CEO until 2014 after the board of directors of the brand set him aside is making a comeback to the fashion business.

He has been developing the first line of a new label for over one year, whose core will be well designed timeless classics like sweatshirts and T-shirts. The creative project might embrace more product categories and even items beyond fashion, but the entrepreneur is reluctant to give away more information about the offering by now. “We plan to launch the company to wholesale screen printers that produce t-shirts for the promotional products industry before the end of the year,” Charney explains. “We plan to have a full apparel product line available to consumers worldwide at some point next year.”

Charney recently launched a website called 'That’s Los Angeles' where he shares curios snapshots of the city, including store signs, graffitis and locals.  These impressions are set to inspire the brand’s designs. “I feel Los Angeles is a magical place where art, commerce and craftsmanship come together like no other place in the world,” he explains.

Los Angeles will be the epicenter of the brand, both in terms of inspiration and production. All garments will be made in the South Central district, where a team of twenty people are currently working in the products. “The focus is obviously not fast fashion,” Charney says. He also affirms that the workers will own shares of the company and will embrace the new LA minimum wage laws –progressively moving towards $15 dollars per hour.