Fashion and sports house Lacoste has announced the launch of a hybrid tennis racket - the LT12 - which is made from a combination of 70% wood and 30% graphite. To accompany the launch, Lacoste has designed a capsule collection that combines the tradition of the brand with new technology, in order to modernize the features of the brand’s DNA.

The collection is inspired by tennis aesthetics, such as the prevalence of white, clean lines and sleek shapes. Materials for the garments include a petit piqué in combination with nylon, which enables the body to breathe and prevents odors. The collection features polo shirts, tracksuits, shorts and caps, as well as a sweatshirt. Predominant colors are white, green and blue.

Accessories include a tennis bag, a backpack, a toilet kit and footwear, all designed to combine comfort and elegance.

The LT12, as well as the capsule collection will be available from April 2015.