Eugen Kelberer is a good example of how it is not absolutely necessary to study something related to fashion in order to be successful in fashion. Of course, the passion for fashion was always there: “I was always interested in fashion and I always wanted to have the newest clothes.”

So it was just a matter of time that Kelberer focused on building up his own menswear label after he finished his education as an event manager. The 31 year old German founded his brand Favela in 2015 and describes the look as high-end streetwear. He gets his inspiration from designers like Balmain or Saint Laurent – but adds his own streetwear attitude to his collection.

Kelberer puts considerable emphasis on the little details: fringes, distressed parts on sweaters, jeans and shirts are important for him. “The fringes and distressed areas are all hand-made and add that special something. Every piece becomes a unique copy.”

Retail prices for parkas, bombers and leather jackets range between 249 Euro and 699 Euro, denims between 149 Euro and 169 Euro, shirts and sweaters between 119 Euro and 149 Euro.

At the moment Favela is exclusively offered online, but Kelberer is currently in negotiation with several stores in Europe, and one of them, Jades in Düsseldorf, already confirmed the collaboration. A flagship store and also a womenswear line are planned for 2017.

With fans like soccer players Jerome Boateng, Paul Pogba and Fernando Torres, Favela quickly became popular among youngsters and follower numbers on Instagram and Facebook increased. Kelberer:” If you want to be successful in this business, you have to move, go out, meet people – even if it is called online-business – the most important contacts are in real life.”