Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has reported that a local shoe company has acquired 3A Antonini, the 1980s-founded Italian footwear manufacturer that runs the casual footwear brand Lumberjack.
According to Aykut Büyükekşi, a board member of the Gaziantep-based company Ziylan Group, the owner of the rapidly growing Flo shoe stores chain has been in talks with Lumberjack for the last six months and a final announcement about the acquisition is set to be made in about two weeks. İslam Şeker, head of Turkey’s Shoe Industrialists Association (TASD), said this was proud news, but that more was to come. “I know that the acquisition talks are continuing,” he told Hürriyet.

Ziylan Group is planning to bring the patent and design team of Lumberjack to Turkey. Büyükekşi commented that they are also in talks to buy out a famous trainer brand. “We plan to acquire four brands in the coming period,” he said.