Through a deal with 3A Antonini, Turkish shoe manufacturer Ziylan has added Italian brand Lumberjack to its roster, which includes Flo, Polaris and Kinetix. This is the first step towards their goal of becoming a major player in the world shoe industry. Supporting Turkey's effort in becoming one of the world's greatest economies by 2023, Ziylan plans to take on more global brands through the Brand Park company that they recently established in Italy.

Mehmet Ziylan said, “The way we see it, this step we’re taking today in Italy where the heart of the world shoe industry beats is the first in the Ziylan Group’s march toward the major league of global brands. Lumberjack’s becoming a Ziylan Group brand is the third momentous milestone in the Group’s history. To us, the Lumberjack operation does not simply mean taking over the management of an Italian brand whose design and quality are acknowledged throughout the world. It also means we’re getting a big-name brand that has strong foundations, enjoys widespread recognition coupled with a broad network, and offers new prospects.”

Ziylan has big aspirations for Lumberjack's future. New prospects on the horizon include setting up an original sales organization on the Italian and world markets and taking on new projects that “will enhance its competitive power in the international arena by putting to work its strengths such as effective management, keen know-how, and attractive pricing,” added Ziylan. Furthermore, Lumberjack's headquarters will be relocated from Verona to Milan, a conscious decision to remain in Italy regardless of its new ownership. Big plans are also in store of Lumberjack's design team, which is to be broadened and infused with globally acclaimed designers. The group is set to bring the brand to new markets and consumer audiences, thus targeting €250 million in Lumberjack sales over the next five years.