Düsseldorf has a new concept store: Loud! It combines fashion for both men and women, art and interior design. Following the philosophy of “you can buy whatever you see,” everything in the store can be purchased, even the store furnishings including lamps, shelves and sound system. As far as fashion is concerned, extravagant high fashion pieces by Marc Jacobs and Anna Siu meet modern classics such as Missoni M, young labels such as Paul & Joe sister and Charlotte Ronson, and established labels like McQ by Alexander McQueen. There are also small pieces to be discovered like toys, gimmicks and fragrances. Loud! wants to convey a strong creative and ironic power which becomes visible on the shopping bags that read “My other bag is a Gucci.” The store design shows creativity, using water pipes and ventilation pipes as displays. The new concept store, which is run by Bita and Kay Kolenda, is an extended concept of a store the couple initiated formerly, Punk Couture, which offered contemporary fashion for women. In October they will opening another Loud! store in Cologne. At the same time the outlet center, run by the Kolenas, will change its name from Cadeau 3 into Loud!let, to adapt to the common CI.

—Isabel Mühlbauer