Progressive retailer LN-CC, which was bought by Italian e-commerce specialist The Level Group in 2014, has unveiled its latest incarnation. Yet again, celebrated artist and set designer Gary Card was brought in to update the surreal interior that he originally created for the 2010 launch of the store. Two new shopping rooms have been added, one of which features carpets from floor to ceiling, while the distinctive tunnel-shaped entrance appears startlingly bright in a new shell crafted from white paint, layers of recycled plastic and LED lights.
Aside from tweaking the curiously beautiful Dalston store, the LN-CC “evolution” has resulted in the re-design of the e-commerce site and the fine-tuning of its fashion and lifestyle product offering. The brand mix is in keeping with founder John Skelton’s original approach, bringing together international powerhouses as well as marginal newcomers. J.W. Anderson, Valentino, Achilles Ion Gabriel, Marni, Haal, Bobby Colade and Rick Owens all form part of the mix.
Surreal shopping room of LN-CC in London
Surreal shopping room of LN-CC in London

Ground Floor
Shacklewell Studios
18-24 Shacklewell Lane
London E8 2EZ, UK