Denim giant Levi’s has kicked off its Levi's Workshop series this week in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The eight week-long Workshops consist of mixed-use spaces, featuring a functional workshop, a community event space, and retail storefront; each Workshop is designed to focus on a specific craft, such as printmaking in San Francisco shop and photography in the New York City shop later this fall.

The former features letterpress, silkscreen and photocopy equipment for local artists and designers to create their own print-based artwork. Community groups and non-profit organizations are also invited to access the resources and work with the Workshop staff. Meanwhile, the space offers Levi's denim and workwear product that embodies the spirit and craft of print design.

Special guests include Alice Waters, chef, author and proprietor of Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley and creator of The Edible Schoolyard, a one-acre garden and adjacent kitchen classroom at Berkeley's Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. For her collaboration with the Levi's Workshops, Waters is working with a longtime design collaborator to create an educational poster for the Edible Schoolyard. Craiglist founder Craig Newmark also is combining his expertise in digital media with manual printmaking to share powerful messages for the event, which will additionally celebrate the incisive work of Aaron Rose, artist, film director, curator and writer behind the film “Beautiful Losers.”

"The Levi's Workshops celebrate the pioneering spirit and hard work of people and organizations that we admire," said Joshua Katz, head of Collaborations, Partnerships & Creative Concepts for the Levi's brand.  "It's all about community, creativity and collaboration. Through the programming, the various production projects and the public resources that we are providing, we are able to collaborate with local heroes who have mastered their craft while inviting in the broader community to roll up their sleeves and get to work."

The company said it will encourage global involvement through a dedicated website, various social media platforms, and syndicated daily content.