Denim brand Levi’s has collaborated a second time on a limited edition collection with the label 686, which has its roots in progressive streetwear and mountain clothing and is considered one of the largest North American snowboard clothing labels. The limited edition range comprises three complete snowboard outfits for men and women in three colors and various washes. The outfits are also complemented with denim gloves, hoodies and shirts. The pieces, however, do not differ much from regular denim street styles; the fit of the pants, for example, is modeled on famous Levi’s styles. Elaborate details include stitching on the pockets, zippers and the two horses of the legendary company symbol. Overall, the collection incorporates Levi’s style while keeping functional aspects such as water resistance thanks to hi-tech materials and specially developed denim fabric. The limited collection is available in selected Levi’s stores for €230 to €290.

—Isabel Mühlbauer