Denim giant Levi’s has unveiled a new online flagship store for an unparalleled shopping experience. Features include smart filters to find product information easily; the opportunity to view and purchase entire silhouettes from head-to-toe; enhanced images and a clean, uncluttered layout; easy-to-find relevant product information to assist in buying decisions; two-click shopping so customers are never more than two clicks away from being able to place items into the shopping basket; and a “living” background in line with seasonal themes.

The “Collections” section gives users a feeling of the mood, theme and spirit of the collection. Shoppers may view the complete collection as outfits on a model. Users are also able to change the outfits of the models as well as spin them 360º and zoom-in to check product details. It is also possible to buy all or any parts of the looks shown.

The “Online Store” section shows products in an interactive catalog style with a variety of ways in which to view them. The flexible menu system allows you to search and shop effortlessly in any number of ways, including by color, style, size and fit. It is also possible to browse the collections to create your own head-to-toe Levi’s look that can be purchased in two clicks.

In addition to offering a personalized experience, the store has an impressive selection. It offers a wide selection of Levi’s products from all collections. Shoppers will find the most popular denim styles including the iconic Levi’s 501 jeans and will also have the opportunity to style their look with the latest Levi’s tops, footwear and accessories.

A wide variety of payment methods are accepted including PayPal, Carte Bleue, Bancontact, Maestro and bank transfers. All orders are dispatched by express courier. Levi’s continues to offer superior customer services, with help lines answered by real people, not automated machines.

To celebrate the launch of the online store, Levi’s will be guest-listing 3,000 online shoppers over a limited time. The guestlist gives shoppers a VIP package, including a special gift with purchase as well as registration with Levi’s to have exclusive access to presales and other offers.

—Regina Henkel