Recently Levi’s has introduced the ‘Go Forth’ Social Media Challenge, a digital engagement program that puts modern pioneers all over the world into the spotlight. This initiative that was exclusively started on Facebook uses the power of the connected world community in order to activate changes and to support positive actions. Now Levi’s launches its second ‘Go Forth’ Social Media Challenge which supports the South African organization and her inspiring young chief, Angela Larkan. follows a unique approach to fight poverty and HIV/AIDS that aims at sustainable solutions for the existing problems in rural Africa.

For this challenge, Levi’s makes use of the possibilities of one of the most influential platforms of our times – Twitter. Through the simple way of Twitter one can express his or her support for Angela and and at the same time encourage friends all over the world to do the same. Angela and her inspiring story of are also introduced on the Levi’s Facebook page. Thus, the company wants to get the public’s attention and encourage fans to twitter their intention to support this important organization. According to Levi’s, the tweets of the community will contribute to the fact that 145 South African children that have become orphans through AIDS will be nourished and educated.