Levi Strauss & Co has a new European president. The jeans monolith announced yesterday that Paul Mason, a 20-year veteran of the retail and consumer goods sectors, will assume that role on February 23.

Mason will replace interim president John Anderson and will work out of the company’s European headquarters in Brussels.

He will be responsible for setting the company’s strategic vision in Europe. Mason said that he is especially looking forward to reinvigorating the brand in his territory.

Meanwhile, in North America, Levi Strauss’s mass-priced Signature line (retailing at $20-$25) has filled the shelves of Target stores across the United States. This follows Levi’s Signature launch at Wal-Mart stores last June.

The brand has not yet advertised the Signature line, perhaps out of deference to the many department and national chain stores, which are the main carriers of Levi’s primary Red Tab line.

However, lower-than-expected sales for the year ending in November may force Levi’s officials to reconsider its advertising position. “We are looking at a whole range of marketing tactics,” said a Levi’s spokesperson.

The Signature is priced about $10 below that of Red Tab’s opening price.

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