This fall, British denim brand Lee Cooper will launch RDLC, or Red Diamond Lee Cooper, that draws inspiration from British rock ’n’ roll and a lifetime of denim expertise. The first collection draws on Lee Cooper’s 100 years of denim expertise and will offer an eclectic mix of styles that pay meticulous attention to detail.

For men RDLC offers smart, modern styles with an English backbone. The collection is structured around two main stories. “Modern Dandy” stresses a mix of fine materials and suave finishing with the result of an androgynous city look, including slimmer silhouettes that add a theatrical and darkly sexy side to the range. “British Rock ’n’ Roll,” meanwhile, has inspired the inclusion of practical plectrum pockets in jeans. Tops depict the Union Jack and prints of gritty London landscapes. An edgy side to the collection is realized through extreme washes and the striking signature looks of iconic bands such as Franz Ferdinand and the Libertines.

For women RDLC shows a glamorous, independent and discerning look. The collection is divided into three main themes—“Masculine,” “Feminine” and “Rock Chick”—and offers something for every taste. “Masculine” pieces adopt harder lines and a strong, tailored look. They include sleek shirts and knitwear with a smooth and soft feel, as well as formal jackets and trousers in stylish washed denim. “Feminine” styles combine high-fashion sleek lines with Lee Cooper’s denim heritage. Pieces include a “must-have” deep navy blue Mackintosh in coated denim in addition to bias-cut long A-line skirts. The “Rock Chick” collection is a successful combination of sexy denim pieces with more daring shapes. Fluffy fabrics are mixed with sleeker, straighter denim and the collection offers unexpected combinations of materials for a striking result, including a black coat that gives the jeans a fashionable oil-slick finish and a pair of “barely there” hot pants made from sparkling denim.

The first two deliveries are for July and August, with more surprises coming for Sept. and a pre-Christmas delivery. Lee Cooper has chosen the British band Kish Mauve for its campaign.

—Melanie Gropler