Jeans brand Lee Cooper was founded in 1908 by Morris Cooper and is sold globally through a network of over 45 licensees. The European denim maker now adds a new company to its wide network and partners up with Sumikin Bussan Corporation, a multi billion yen conglomerate boasting over 70 years of textiles experience in both sourcing and supply chain for many International Blue Chip brands.

Mac House, Sumikin’s retail partner with over 500 stores in Japan will carry the apparel side of the license.

Lee Cooper plans a stand-alone store in Tokyo and to roll out Lee Cooper into footwear and all other lifestyle products now associated with the brand.

Quintessentially British, the company comes from London's East End and has since become a global pioneer of workwear and classic, authentic denim. Sold in over 90 countries worldwide and enjoying double digit growth year on year, Lee Cooper stays true to its heritage of Britishness, Work Culture and Music.