This May, Timberland will be demonstrating the skill and craftsmanship behind its iconic handsewn boat shoe. A shoemaker from the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic will visit stores across Europe to give live presentations of how Timberland’s handsewn boat shoes are crafted. The artisan will be visiting Timberland stores in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Germany, where a dedicated area will allow customers to witness first hand the expertise and skill that goes into every Timberland handsewn boat shoe. Genuine tools and leathers will be taken to each store, where the artisan will stitch the uppers that will eventually become a pair of shoes sold in stores. Timberland has been making handsewn boat shoes for 30 years and continues to do so even in today’s modern world of mass production. The benefits of a handsewn moccasin construction are as relevant as they were 30 years ago. Built to last, the leather upper stretches over time and changes to fit the wearer’s foot, which lends itself well to everyday summer wearing. Timberland’s shoemaker will be visiting the following stores and cities:

5 May, 2009 – Lisbon
7-8 May, 2009 – Barcelona
9 May, 2009 – Girona
11 May, 2009 – Pamplona
12 May, 2009 – Bilbao
14 May, 2009 – Marseille
16 May, 2009 – Milan
18 May, 2009 – Rome
19 May, 2009 – Verona
20 May, 2009 – Venice
22 May 2009 – Munich
23 May 2009 – Hamburg

—Regina Henkel