The operations of streetwear/fashion online shop Kolibrishop might not continue as usual in the future. Several of the shop’s suppliers have reported cancelled pre-orders and rumors say that the Spanish investor Privalia S.A. prospectively wants to solely concentrate its efforts on Kolibrishop’s parent company Dress-for-less, an outlet shopping platform, instead of the full-priced Kolibrishop.

A corporate spokesperson of Dress-for-less/Privalia said:

“The Full Price shops and account for 2% of the Group revenues in 2014. Due to the intensive competitive business environment the performance of the full price businesses have been below expectations. The Group has started a strategic review of the positioning and role of full price businesses in the future. The group will reinforce the outlet business which is performing very well.”

No clarification on what a “strategic review” could mean or when this shall be executed has been given.

Kolibrishop was founded in 2004 and is based in Kelsterbach, Germany. According to own statements, the web shop registers ca. 600,000 visitors/month and offers streetwear fashion, shoes and accessories by more than 140 brands, amongst these all major names of the market segment such as Adidas, Bench, Carhartt, Converse, Diesel, G-Star, Hilfiger Denim, Levi’s or Superdry.
The retailer operates under the domains,,,, and