The online fashion platform, which initially only cooperated with physical fashion retail stores, is now starting cooperation with online fashion brands.

Starting in July 2014, several brands will be selling their products through the site. Kleidoo has not yet disclosed what brand names will be features because its portfolio is currently being developed.

“I believe that emotions should be part of a brand and also should be included with every product. Our platform presents the character of our partners individually. The brands will be connected with our system in a straightforward manner and with a high-end appeal. Our goal is to develop the existing shipping opportunities in future markets with our platform,” said co-founder managing director Aranga Rahim.

At Kleidoo, brands and shops can choose to have Kleidoo take care of in-house photo shoots for product images and the creation of individualized product texts or can have their online shops integrated with the Kleidoo system. The platform also supports shops or brands requiring proprietary  protection, structured selling processes, and in-house marketing.