The German online shopping platform Kleidoo has acquired the start-up company Fashion Locals. This news was announced on Thursday, November 28, 2013 during a press day under the headline “Ausgesprochen gute Partner” (“Notably good partners”) in Kleidoo’s new headquarters in Hamburg.

Kleidoo was founded by Aranga Rahim and Feodor Kouznetsov in the spring of 2012. It is a platform that offers local stationary retailers the opportunity to sell their fashion products online on In this process, the company acts as a sole commission merchant who takes care of the online product presentation and of planning the logistics and paying for processes behind the shopping procedure with the actual products being located at and shipped by the individual retailers. Kleidoo currently cooperates with 150 local fashion retailers inside Germany and offers 650 brands online, divided into the classics and premium category. Brands range from widely known ones such as Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger or Closed to labels with a much smaller distribution. The platform claims to represent the selection of a real-life shopping stroll on an online basis.

New Business partners (from left): Markus Haggenmiller and Andreas Muscheid (Fashion Locals), host, Feodor Kouznetsov and Aranga Rahim (Kleidoo)
New Business partners (from left): Markus Haggenmiller and Andreas Muscheid (Fashion Locals), host, Feodor Kouznetsov and Aranga Rahim (Kleidoo)

Munich-based Fashion locals follows a similar approach, but in a more selective and international manner. The platform aims to spot unique designers and shops from several European fashion capitals (currently: London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich) and sell their offerings (currently 425 labels) on
Its founders Markus Haggenmiller and Andreas Muscheid met the Kleidoo CEOs in June 2013 and from there “everything went very quickly”, says Aranga Rahim. No numbers about the price of purchasing acquiring Fashion Locals have been given. Kleidoo is financed by an undisclosed investor. According to the new business partners, Kleidoo and Fashion Locals do not see each other as competitors since they have different target groups. The two will remain as independent shopping concepts, and aim to benefit from several synergy effects and pool processes in programming, development and more. Fashion Locals will for instance make use of Kleidoo’s new 600sqm photo studio facilities that were inaugurated in November together with the company’s new 350sqm loft headquarters in Hamburg. The photo studio employs special changeable mannequins by Formes that are purpose built for still photography, to be used in online shops. Kleidoo on the other hand will benefit from Fashion Local’s experiences with international customers.

Video footage from Kleidoo's Business Talk: