Killer Loop launches the “Museum of Extreme” in Umea, near Stockholm, an interactive itinerant exhibition and series of events presenting photographs by two appreciated action sports photographers - Daniel Mansson (SWE) and Alessandro Belluscio (ITA).
The initiative is aimed at communicating Killer Loop’s new brand positioning according to its new motto “Designed to Capture the Extreme". The brand has been actually involved in providing specialized products and support to extreme sports and outdoor photographers - both professional and amateur - and giving exposure to their work.
The exhibition will tour four major European cities - Stockholm, Barcelona, Berlin and Milan - in a handful of key nightlife locations where they will set-up spectacular interactive public installations. A Kinect projection mapping experience – based on a custom code developed for each event – will allow the audience to navigate and interact with a few selected pieces from the photographer’s body of work, and “deep dive” inside them. By controlling and exploring the pictures with their movements, visitors of the Museum of Extreme will unveil information, unlock hidden content, learn about the photographer’s vision and technique, virtually visit a remote location, and get a sense of the extreme circumstances when a picture was taken.
Leading up to the event, each city will be teased with a flash local guerrilla campaign and a strong presence on social media. The Killer Loop off-road crew will constantly produce updates, inform of its arrival in a new location and share filmed recaps of past events.
The photographers will be present on site, Daniel Mansson in Stockholm on 1 October and Alessandro Belluscio in Milan on 12 October, to participate in the events and meet the audience to expand on the Museum’s objectives.
The series of events will end up back in Umea, near Stockholm. The Museum of Extreme was born as a collaboration between Killer Loop, Adept Sweden and 72andSunny NL.