Karl-Heinz Müller, who officially announced the cancellation of his Berlin trade show Bread & Butter’s January edition on Tuesday, is apparently planning a “street guerilla fair”, scheduled to take place simultaneously to the other Berlin fashion trade shows in January.

In a letter to selected industry friends which he claims to have written at 3 am on Tuesday morning, so shortly before the announcement of Bread & Butter’s cancellation, he speaks about his idea to host a “guerilla fair” at Rochstraße in Berlin’s Mitte district. His reported plans reach from building tents for bigger brands and giving smaller labels a showcase space in the Blue Yard (the spot at Münzstraße where Nudie, Edwin and Denham have their stores) to asking the current Christmas market caterers to take part in the event and offering an ice-skating option.

In the letter, Müller also states that he does not know yet how to finance this idea, but that his people still “burn” and that he might be able to find a patron for the street fair.

Bread & Butter has confirmed the authenticity of the document which popped up in social media last night. Karl-Heinz Müller has not been available for a comment yet.