Green denim label Kuyichi is preparing to re-launch its brand internationally by opening stores in Dubai, China and Canada that will work to extend the brand beyond Europe. The brand defines itself not only as a pioneer in sustainable fashion, but also as a leading lifestyle label. This season the Dutch company will be presenting a new brand strategy and portfolio of fits as well as a new concept and logo.

The remodeling includes a 12-month-concept for the fall/winter 2012/13 collection, inspired by a 17th century nursery rhyme which reads: “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief“. It will reflect the garments that shape these individuals and themes such as war, industrialisation, forgotten handicrafts and professions. The collection begins with Tinker and Sailor. Tinker offers muted colors for both sexes; menswear plays with various fabrics and techniques whereas womenswear presents feminine and classy key fits such as the Parallel Pant and the Tulip Skirt. The Sailor collection showcases heavy, organic wool in cable stitch with geometrical camouflage pieces for women and sailor-inspired looks for men.

Kuyichi denim embraces fall qualities in red, green and sulphur shades. In addition, a women’s stretch-‘Aloe Vera’-denim with moisturizing effects has been developed. Other materials in the line are chambrays and tweed in a variety of washes.

The Kuyichi Salvage project, a 100% recycling concept, is yet another innovation. The Kuyichi design team in Haarlem creates new designs from worn clothes that customers drop off at Kuyichi stores in exchange for a rebate for their purchase.