Online platform Kaiorize has announced its new investor, Accelever Partners. The Hamburg-based investment trust was founded by a group of private investors including Peter Wolf, former chairman of Arcandor/Karstadt and Tchibo, and Dr. Kai Wolf, head of M&A Commarco GmbH and Scholz & Friends. Accelever Partners has been closely following Kaiorize’s evolution and has decided to support the start-up due to its dynamic development and strategic orientation.

Kaiorize is currently a front-runner in the lifestyle industry field of celebrity marketing. The company, founded in 2010 in part by entrepreneur Dana Schweiger, has just expanded to the USA. Its online platform enables celebrities to order a certain number of complimentary products per month, provided they have been selected by the participating companies as sponsors. A donation is triggered whenever there is a picture of the celebrity with the product in question that can be used as a reference by the endorsing company. The donation benefits an organization selected by the celebrity and is facilitated by Kaiorize.