After the delivery of the first running equipment this year to the US, UK and the Netherlands, K-Swiss is continuing its expansion with running in Germany. For spring 10, K-Swiss will offer the complete running collection in Germany for the first time. To demonstrate its eagerness to succeed in the highly competitive market, K-Swiss is sponsoring one of the most recognized sports event, the Ironman contest. The triathlon will be the focus of sponsorship and product development. David Bond, Product Manager at K-Swiss, said: “K-Swiss is a Californian brand, and in California the triathlon was founded. We understand it as our responsibility to push this sport further.” Additionally, the company’s engagement in the triathlon and Ironman Contest will be a way to test the quality of its new products. Several top triathletes, including Chris Lieto (three-time Ironman champion) and Terenzo Bozzone, world champion of the half distance, have previously won in K-Swiss footwear.

—Regina Henkel