During Denim Première Vision, Jeanologia, Spanish company specialized in producing treating machines and technology, is launching a new laser finishing technique and a connected software that avoids the employ of potassium permanganate spray treatments, one of the last processes that is still harmful for the environment and for about two million workers worldwide.

In the last four years, the Spanish company has developed some alternative techniques to dangerous processes employed by the jeans industry. For instance, in 2011, they found alternatives to the use of sandblasting by launching their Light Solutions; in 2012 stonewash could be replaced by Light Stoner; in 2013, their Light Scraper treatment helped eliminating manual scraping. Today their Light PP Spray can replace the technique of spraying potassium permanganate.

The potassium permanganate spraying technique is one of the most dangerous practices for the health and safety of workers. It is obtained by employing a spray-gun that transforms chemicals into micro-particles that are breathed in and absorbed by people who perform this technique. And despite precautions that are taken this technique continues causing lung illnesses.

Jeanologia finishing technique
Jeanologia finishing technique

Jeanologia CEO, Enrique Silla commented: “The elimination of potassium permanganate spray thanks to the use of laser is a milestone for the textile industry because it transforms the process of jeans production. We have managed to replace all hazardous technology and techniques for workers and emissions of the textile industry that, in the last four years have been reduced to zero. "

Jeanologia will present at Denim by Première Vision the first collection created without permanganate spray. This technology will be used exclusively for a year by Jeanologia’s 200 partners in 47 countries representing 40% of the world denim production.

For the 18-19 November 2015 edition of Denim by Première Vision, Jeanologia - in collaboration with the show’s organization– will also present an Eco Consulting space where Jeanologia experts will advise companies and brands that want to produce according to more sustainable, efficient, automated and transparent ways. Attendees will be supported and presented free information about the environmental impact of production and about the sustainable alternatives that can be employed in order to achieve the same final results, though employing fewer resources, fewer chemicals and more sustainable techniques.