Düsseldorf based Jaspers LFD lifestyle fashion & denim store has closed on Friday September 20. The small store in the historic centre of Düsseldorf was one of the few existing trendsetting independent stores in the city. The passionate retailer and owner Norman Jaspers operated the store over 20 years. He started in the retail business 26 years ago when his parents owned the jeans store Jaspers. Norman moved the location and changed the concept into an individual high level fashion store with brands like Barbour, Denham the Jeanmaker, Edwin, Mason´s, Blue Blood, Koi, Blaumax, Campomaggi, Nudie, Oakwood and others.

His motto “A house is made of walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams” was more than a statement. Norman Jaspers is a retailer with heart who always travelled his own path. It was difficult for him to make the decision, but costs for the small shop were too high. He often complained that clients spend lots of money on mainstream fashion, but not on extraordinary pieces. However, Jaspers has new projects planned for the future: “I could have run the store for longer, but now I have the possibility for a new challenge. In my life I always wanted to something new.” Norman Jaspers will publish details of his new project soon.